A little about me...

a picture of a fursuit taken with a retro digital camera
a cool picture of me, taken by a cool mustelid.


I'm 'Tubs', a psuedonym I made that plays off the slang term 'tubular'

tubular /too͞′byə-lər, tyoo͞′-/ adjective
Meaning 'cool' or 'radical'
E.g. That's like, Tubular, dude!

I made this 'fursona' a over a decade ago when I used to pretend to know how to kickflip. It has remained my primary online semblance since then.

I was born in 1999 in Florida during the hottest month of the year. Since then I've moved around a bit, from the United States, to Europe, to the Middle East. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to see even more places in the future.

funny banner about furries and being insane
a picture of a fursuit taken with a retro digital camera
a picture taken of me unwittingly, as I annoy everyone at a local music store playing 'rocky top' on a cheap banjo I picked off the wall.


The ambit of my hobbies is a little absurd. If I have to boil it down, I might potentially title myself as a: Nerd, Naturalist, Tinkerer, or Artist of some description.

Things I enjoy include but are not limited to...

My main idea when starting a Neocities was to have a place to info-dump about all these various topics. Seeing Neocitizens creating blogs about anything and everything gave me some inspiration to do the same.

So, why the website?

I have been 'lurking' on neocities for the longest time, and only really as of 2024 have began working on this site. I really love the sites other people make and wanted to make something of my own. I have no real plans for it, but I have some cool ideas- I think.

This site only uses HTML/CSS, and no other scripting languages like PHP, or JS. Why? TLDR: accessability, security, privacy, etc. Additionally I will attempt make the site reactive for mobile devices, but it is primarily meant to be experienced on desktop.

I am hoping to fill this page with things that interest me, or I have done. Hopefully some of these things I do will interest you too.