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13th of March, 2024 - First Journal!

Wow, hi there, thanks for stopping by. I am really having a lot of fun doing this whole Neocities thing. While I have just started this site, and want to work on it all night, I also have a lot of things happening in my life at the moment.

I am currently just a few months away from moving across the world. From the UK, back to the USA. All the while I am working full-time, and going to university part-time. But once I get back home I will be doing a lot of the opposite- going to school full-time and maybe working part-time. I will also be moving in with my boyfriend for the first time, so all a little chaotic.

In anticipation for moving back to the states, specifically the Great Basin area, I have been reading a lot into Geology & Paleontology. I have also been doing some research on local volunteering opportunities on public land. I've done a bit of it in other states and also here in the UK. So I would like to keep the momentum going on that end. It really is just something that I enjoy doing.

A map of the Great Basin in the Western United States of America.
A map of the Great Basin in the Western United States of America.

Some of those expereinces are likely to find there way here on this site. I was thinking about making a blog about certain things and what not ... but I also have so many damn hobbies I would have to have a seprate blog for each one almost. Which I guess I can manage lol. Though that would end up being like, four, five ... maybe six blogs. However, for some of those I have plans of making more interesting pages rather than just a simple blog.

Additionally I have been wanting to make my pages a little more wild and creative, but I also have some OCD a bit on keeping a common theme between pages. Of course I know that Neocities is not the most upscale place to be worrying about what your site looks like.That will not not stop me from overthinking everything about it.

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